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Dear VS team,

I have been your loyal customer for (напишите количество лет) years and I am not quite happy with all those recent changes regarding your policy. On the one hand, your decision to close your clothing lines and concentrate on lingerie, swimwear and perfumes is understandable (though really disappointing), but, on the other hand, the tier offer reduction leaves me quite perplexed and upset. I am now not that eager to place $250 orders when I know that I will have only $50 off but not $75 as I used to do. Could you kindly explain the reasons for such a strange discount policy? Is there any hope to have the old tier offer back (please!!!)?

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,

Puffin добавил 05.12.2014 в 21:26
Ну и еще одно письмо :-)

Dear VS team,

I am a true VS fan who loves your merchandise, but there are things about shopping with VS that make me feel frustrated. Please do explain why you have been so tough on us these days. Your prices have grown perceptibly and, what is also important, your tier offer is no longer as generous as it used to be. Why have you decided to take $25 off $150, $55 off $250 and $125 off $500 instead of $30, $50, $75 and $150, respectively, thus forcing us to buy less? Is there any plausible explanation to such a discount policy? Please, have the old tier offer back!

Thank you for understanding,
warm regards,

Нужен совет по возврату/обмену или перевод письма? Непонятно описание вещи в магазине? Пишите!!!
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