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Dear VS, I’m from Ukraine, and asking you for help. Please return 75$off from 250$. I will explain why. All women in Ukraine in love with VS wears, But unfortunately this days we don’t have opportunity for place orders online. In our country custom limit is 185$, if our parcel is more we have to pay taxes about 33%. Before we placed orders 250 $- 75% discount = 175$ what was the best way for our country and don’t need to be extra paid. We want our friendship is go on with VS and we hope you will hear us and return this discount. Thank you.

Dear VS, Im praying you for return discount 75$ from 250$, Im texting from Ukraine and this 75$ off absolutly covered my shipping ( it was 76.99) to my country. Now I cant use 55 off from 250 because its more then our custom limit and I need pay extra money all time. I also cant use $25off from $150 because it doesn’t cover my shipping fee. Im texting from all girls and women of our country , we love all VS staff and we cant live without our VS shopping online, please return 75off from 250$

Кому отправлять то такие письма? в чате не пойдет?
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