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Вот то, что мы с Nasta43 написали общими усилиями:

My order ... was shipped via eShopWorld (track number ...) and is expected to arrive by 9/.../2013. But today is 9/17/2013 and, according to the tracking information available, my order is still not in Russia! UPS used to deliver packages from USA to Russia within 3 to 5 business days. I paid for express delivery, because I needed to get this order before September 19. As the package has been on its way to me for 12 days now, this cannot possibly be called express delivery.
As far as I know, the carrier responsible for VS shipments to Ukraine is DHL, so the orders are traceable and usually arrive within 5 days. So why don't you ship to Russia via DHL? I have chosen just the same shipping method as your Ukrainian customers (international express) and paid the same amount of $20, so why do we here in Russia get the worst of it?
Could you please tell me the real tracking number of my order ... ? The number I can see in my orders page is not traceable with any of the existing postal/parcel services.
I would also like to have $20 refunded as it is obvious that my package will not arrive on time.

Thank you very much for understanding,
Best regards,
Нужен совет по возврату/обмену или перевод письма? Непонятно описание вещи в магазине? Пишите!!!
Рассказать вам про покупки?

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